The one time I made a GA laugh…

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June 2, 2014 by jennaljackson

Forgot to write last week about how Elder Kearon from the europe 70 did a mission tour and how he was awesome and how when we were all taking too many pictures at the end of the meeting and it took forever cuz the guy couldn’t work the ipad and I was standing right behind Elder K and I said in a funny voice MY FACE HURTS and he started cracking up and repeated the joke and I was like does making a ga chuckle get me celestial kingdom brownie points orr….??

Guys, miracles have been happening in Foz the past few weeks. I have no idea how or why now but we suddenly have stuff going on! 2 sundays ago this guy randomly showed up for church that the elders had taught awhile back and we’ve been teaching him and even though he is still gonna need to change the view that ‘life without sin is boring’ he will totally be baptized one day. Our awesome new investigator Miguel (26 year old guy) WAS MARKED LAST WEEK for this sunday! He is the coolest, most totally prepared chillest person. He’s just scared about quitting smoking and falling again, but i prefer fear of falling again to lack of desire to quit in the first place, and he’s been making awesome progress. We had one of our investigators who hasn’t been progressing actually show up to sacrament meeting. With investigators and two less actives that showed up, we had 4 young single adults at church instead of the normal zero. Also we had 4 Americans show up from Mesa arizona that were doing a river cruise and the ward freaked out with excitement, haha. I also had to translate all the meetings, exhauuusssttting. And weird to be with American members…we are a strange folk…I asked them if they lived close to Mountain View. Of course they did. We know some of the same people. The mormon world is oh so small especially when you’re #torotough

Highlight of the week: Sister Cullimore informing me that the term for cousins, gender neutral plural, is NIBLINGS. (or is it nieces and nephews?) okay im sorry i have no idea if that’s true but IF IT IS that is the funniest thing I ever did hear.

Errbody pray for Miguel, just please. Everything will go great I just know it!

Love you all my little nibling niblet nuggets,
Sister Jackson


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