Spring sprang…and then fell on its face and DIED‏

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June 9, 2014 by jennaljackson

You’d think that June in Portugal would be warm. I swear every other day here is rainy and cloudy and windy and freezing. Cheers for tights and jackets and staying as white as ever! #porto

Emailing pretty early this week because we’re off to a fair in Matosinhos where there will be all sorts of people selling all sorts of stuff and maybe even a ferris wheel (how romantic for me and scully). There will for sure be Portuguese churros which come WITH CHOCOLATE INSIDE because normal churros weren’t bad enough for you already. Last time I was at one of these shindigs I scored on some American flag patterned leggings. One leg stars, one leg stripes. They’ve sort of stretched and faded in the wash though so maybe I’ll get lucky again today…

This week Miguel was NOT baptized, kid’s having a tough time quitting smoking. 😦 He’s re-marked for this weekend so we’ll see. Watching people trying to quit addictions has given me such a powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon. Even though Miguel has a tough time understanding what he reads due to like, 0 religious background and little time investigating the church, the days he reads the spirit has such a profound effect on him. I kid you not, I can tell from the second he opens the door if he read the BOM or not. The days he does, he’s smiling, he’s positive, he smokes way less or not at all, he’s filled with faith in God and in himself. The days he doesn’t…well, he smokes, and he’s all wishy washy. The powah is real.

And also, I sort of took a break from reading the Book of Mormon in personal study for awhile because I wanted to read Jesus the Christ (70 pages left, by Thursday I shall have conquered) but I’ve been reading it in Spanish during free time…and maybe sometimes during language study…and I just realize that I missed it so much that time I wasn’t studying it. I feel a hunger to read and I just know how much it affects the welfare of my soul. I just wish everyone else would realize the same thing DOH. Also the Spanish word for dust is polvo which in portuguese means octopus hee hee. And they shall cry from the octupus, yea, even repentance unto their brethren…I’ll take the humor I can get here…

No real other news, still trying unsuccessfully to get all the recent converts and everyone else under the sun to church but someday, SOMEDAY we will conseguir. And there was a really nice indie show in Porto this weekend but I was not close enough to hear any of Neutral Milk Hotel’s dulcet tones…(un)fortunately I totally avoided that temptation PHEW

heart full o love for you all.

Sister J
1. all my childrenz
2. luisa’s baptism!!! (from like a month ago)


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