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June 16, 2014 by jennaljackson

Not a bad band name…a disease. and I have it. (“go join the polyphonic spree you fruitcake” name that show and you get A MILLION DOLLARS)

So remember how last week I complained about how portugal is too slow and spring wasn’t here yet well yeah this week I ate my words like they were bolo and it has been sunny and like 90 all week and because of this my body decided to develop polymorphic light eruption aka I AM ALLERGIC TO THE SUN. i have all these weird little blistery bumps on my feet, ankles, hands, and arms. as mufasa said, everything the light touches……they say that if you stay out of the sun, it will go away on it’s own! I am hoping that if I DON’T stay out of the sun, it’ll still go away on it’s own! solid theory right? because that’s usually how disease works…basically what we can learn from this, is that when you are 16 years old and make fun of Lindsay Crowder for being allergic to the sun, it may take 6 years but you will get yours. #karma.
Anyway, our week was spent trying to help a 26 year old portuguese man quit smoking (Miguel). Ainda não. but he’s doing better and read the book of mormon every day this week, and is starting to remember what he reads (“Limhi was the not wicked one, right?”) so that’s helped. AND: he showed up to church this week with a friend in tow! Yaaayyyy! 
Pedro is still progressing well also, but he saw a 60 minutes interview of Gordon B. Hinckley on youtube which included all the greatest hits we usually don’t have to deal with in portugal…I’m sure you can imagine what they are…so that was a fun lesson -___- now I know a little bit about how U.S. missionaries feel. He’s starting to gain a testimony, which scares him, because he doesn’t wanna give up the things that give him as he says “pleasure” such as coffee and wine anndddd yeah. We are working on what my econ teacher called the celestial principle: postponing utility in the now, for the promise of much more utility later. He’s skeptical, but warming. I mean, how long did it take me to actually apply that principle in my life? still working on it. 
well let’s be real you guys don’t know these people and are bored reading about them but let me just say that every day I feel and know that this is christ’s work and gospel and that only to be a cog is an honor I can’t describe. This week I loved Alma 12:28-30 (and moroni 7:25, 31), since the beginning of ever, God has wanted us to know his plan, and he literally sends angels to converse with men and turn their hearts to calling upon the Father for repentance. This work seems so much greater than us, but in its essence it is entirely about, focused on, and carried out by us, God’s children, be they earthly or angelic. 
Sorry this letter is so serious…it’s the PMLE, it’s taken the funnies out of me :(( More jokes next week! 
Stay gold, 
Sister Jackson
1. polymorphic light eruption at its finest! the white line is where my sandals cover. also, as a missionary you’re allowed to have shoes like that okay it just means i’m super consecrated 
2. where we tract. can you tell it’s picturesque? well it is. 

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