Riding on a Pig Baby Monkey

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June 23, 2014 by jennaljackson

WORLD CUP! Heard Ronaldo and co came back from behind yesterday….so sad. We didn’t get to see the hullaballoo because well the game started at 11 our time but I’m sure it was ballin’. hee hee. 

Well the polymorphic light eruption died down and now i just have leprosy-like sores on my right arm which will fade in time. Also, it got cloudy and rainy again, so that probably helped. Porto….porto.  It’s been humid, sort of. I giggle when people complain about the humidity here…still got nothin on virginia in August.

Guess what? We went to the ZOO today. There is nothing better than the zoo. It was a little ghetto portuguese zoo in Maia, but we had fun on fun anyway. There were zebras, or zehh-bruhs as our english ZLs called them, and an extremely lethargic brown bear, and lions and a baby monkey!!!!! (see subject line)

Also, it’s SAO JOAO! Which is a festival in which the population of porto eats sardines, bops each other on the head with plastic air-filled hammers, and dances all night from tuesday to wednesday. Why? no one knows. 
K enough portugal news. Our investigators are still all the same 😦 Miguel had a bad fall with the tobacco but he’s on the right track and now we make him make his OWN metas, which seems to have helped. Goals: helping him into the water before the end of this transfer and finding some supereleitos. 
I’ll be real, it’s been a harder than normal time in foz, but I am grateful because I feel like I’m experiencing a little bit of the ‘spiritual traction’ that Elder Bednar spoke of in April. I feel like I’ve been pushed to truly rely on the Lord and find out what His will is for me and how I can be better. I am grateful for the chance I have to rely on him. Like president monson said, we all have our choice: will I give up, or will I finish the fight? Sometimes…it’s just do or die. ya know? And when we want to do, He is always there for us. 
Love you all lots!
Sister Jackson
1. gameday in foz 
2. zoocrew
3. the elders, the zehbras, and I.

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