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June 30, 2014 by jennaljackson

HI. I have four minutes because we went on a little tripskies to Braga today. google it! it’s beautiful. We mostly went so I could drop off my scriptures to have a little work done. I’ll explain and send pics later once I have the finished product….

This week was splendid as is every other…we talked to a lot of people. We made lots of jokes. We preached some gospel. 
A special shout-out to the greatest sister the Portugal Lisbon mission has ever known, Sister Samantha Brooks! She’s fleeing the scene next monday and I will miss her with my whole heart, but she’s needed elsewhere. She was such a blessing to me and all the people of Portugal. Love you. Oy with the poodles already. I won’t be too mad if you watch the veronica mars movie without me…as long as you watch it again :))) 
Love you all so much. one week until i find out my final resting place! what a time warp it has been….
Sister Jackson
pic. a super sick DOUBLE PIPE ORGAN FROM ONE THOUSAND YEARS AGO. that is indie. catholic churchesssss

organ in Braga


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