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July 8, 2014 by jennaljackson

I got transferred. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week has probably been one of the most dramatic of my mission, culminating in a nice transfer call on Sunday in which it was explained to me that instead of dying in peace, in Foz, baptizing the people I’ve worked to mark for 2 transfers, instead I will be

opening an area

and training.

So that’s my life. Is anyone else having deja vu?? You know it’s going to be good when your zone leader prefaces the transfer news with “Sister Jackson…you’re NOT going to believe this.” But actually, I’m excited. Because going out with a bang is better anyways. AND I GET TO SERVE IN LISBOA!!!!!! Which I never have done and I ALWAYS wanted to do! In an area with a ton of people and a nice chapel and I get to train a Cabo Verdean which means I DONT HAVE TO TEACH HER PORTUGUESE! She instead will teach me Criolo, and I will have more things to say to Cabo Verdeans on the street other than my current 3 phrases: ‘you’re annoying’, ‘my darling’ and ‘I have a passion for you.’ #useful. Her name is Sister Da Luz and I’ll meet her on Thursday.

We celebrated a siiiick fourth of July aka Mark Jackson day singing the star spangled banner for comp study (our whole apt building I’m sure appreciated it, thank you thin Portuguese walls) and dressing really obnoxiously and eating Mcdonalds for lunch and makin’ apple crisp and saying to all our investigators, SABES QUAL DIA È HOJE???? ninguem sabia…….-___-

Foz news: Miguel has quit smoking for 2 whole days now due largely to a priesthood blessing from the bishop. At first I was worried he wasn’t understanding the concept of the blessing and therefore it wouldn’t affect him as much, but whoa. Priesthood power is real. Not like I didn’t know already. Also on Friday we had literally the most dramatic lesson of my life with Pedro, our investigator that had problems with the commandments. Well he revealed to us that he’s been KEEPING THE COMMANDMENTS ON THE SLY, aka the word of wisdom and law of chastity, for like 2 or 3 weeks now and that he’d already decided to ‘become a Mormon.’ so we marked him for this Sunday. and started doing the interview questions. And then we got to tithing and he freeeeaked and said that it was all just a business and that everything was ruined. Turns out he’d seen some anti videos on youtube on the subject…so we testified soooo hard and he said at the end that he’d go home and pray all night to find out if it was really right and wow. we started a fast and I don’t think I’ve ever prayed so hard for someone in my life to get an answer. I didn’t sleep and woke up every 5 mintues. all the missionaries in our zone found out and prayed for him too. and long story short, Pedro still has some duvidas, but he came to church on Sunday and he is still on the path. We still don’t know exactly what happened in his prayers that night because he’s reluctant to share, but i know it was something good. D&C 29:6. Keep Pedro in your prayers cuz he’s a little attached to me and the transfer news is gonna shake him…. Also this week we started working with a novo named Ze who is super jazzed for everything and came to church and loved it. He was mad he didn’t show up in a suit. sorry Ze, we forgot to say.

Anyway I’m rambling and sleep deprived and Scully deprived…I’m gonna love my new comp, but how can she be as hilarious as the two daughters I’ve already had???? Blessed demais. You’re all in my prayers, I love you, and I can’t wait to meet the millions and billions and trillions of elects awaiting in Cacem.

Love love love,
Sister J

1. 4.7.14 Mcdonalds run. cuz…Merica. don’t worry I took the nail polish off right after 😉
2. Scully and i and our last hurrah at the Porto train station wahhhhh
July 4th
Jenna & Scully goodbye


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