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July 22, 2014 by jennaljackson

July 21, '14

So remember last week when I was all starry eyed & “THERE’S SOMETHING IN THE WATER HERE IN LISBOA.” YEE! Well turns out, no yeah, there’s literally something in the water here, or at least that’s Sister Fluckiger’s theory for why I randomly threw up for 2 days straight this week. My theory: food poisoning from the beef we ate at a 93-year-old man’s house. My comp’s theory: I put my bare feet on the floor. What is true? There is literally no way of knowing, but for now I’m almost back to my pre mission weight! #silverlinings

I still love Sister Da Luz more every day but the culture differences are still so real that it’s honestly just funny. I was eating raw cookie dough yesterday (Mom’s note: maybe THAT’s why she got sick!) and she so clearly thought it was the weirdest thing in the world. And I was like, hey, I think it’s weird that I keep randomly finding used matches in our bathroom but you don’t see me asking silly questions mmmk? 
Also I think I forgot to tell you guys the weirdest thing about Cacem, we totes live in a member’s house. In her basement. It is a basement made for hobbits. I bump my head gandalf-style on the doorframes on the daily. But it is cush because she does our laundry (makes me sort of uncomfortable really but hey gift-horse-in-the-mouth, riiiight) and when we don’t have something, instead of buying it she usually just has it lyin’ around. She might be less active though, which is confusing and saddening. BUT, we have creepy statues of snow white and the seven dwarves in our entry soooooo. 
July 21, '14 dwarfs
As for our investigators, we marked one and he fell in the same week…oops. He sort of just stopped answering his phone and fell off the face of the earth, but my theory is he’s just sort of weird that way, and not running away from us. We’ll see. Something happened to me FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER ON MY MISSION: a MEMBER brought a friend with them to church for us, without us telling them to. It is literally so sad to think that that has never happened to me before…considering that’s what they say missionary work should be haha. But I was grateful!!! The work is still starting, that’s the annoying thing about opening an area in the last transfer, I’m afraid I won’t get to see the growth I want before I have to jet. But many many miracles are possible in many few weeks. This I know. 
I’m not trunky, but that doesn’t stop everyone from trying to convince me I am. Today I had an elder figure out exactly how many hours there are until I go home. He figured in the time difference and everything. 700something….plus 4. But as the poet said, I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep. 
okay i did something trunky today and bought sunglasses because you know….GONNA NEED EM PRETTY SOON HERE. and the fake ray bans i bought from a gypsy disappeared. 
Ja chega de langa-langa entao, amo-vos.
sister j

1. just chillin’ on the way to a member meal. on a couch. in the back of a kidnapper van. cacemstyle
2. in the mine in the mine where a million diamonds….SHIIIINE

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