Cash Cash Money Money

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July 28, 2014 by jennaljackson

This week my comp decided she was gonna learn English, which is fun and hilarious for me and also gives me a chance to speak English on the street sometimes WITHOUT feeling guilty. Not that she understands anything I say yet. But as we were checking out she goes, ‘dinheiro means money, right?’ yep. ‘So why are people in Cabo Verde always saying cash cash money money?’ ………HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA. She teaches me some Creole as well, but so far all I know is how to be really forward and get myself a boyfriend. #missionafterthemission 

I had an aweseome division with Sister Swasey, who for those who don’t know was in my VA ward for like four years and was best friends with my little brother and then we got the same mission call and now she’s my sister training leader. She trained me guuuud. And basically we reminisced for 24 hours. Nothing like going back in time to high school days…yikes
We rustled up this super cool investigator this week named Carlos Ferreira. Want to know how we found him? In the house of our other investigator, who is also named….Carlos Ferreira. Guess that’s what you get when your country literally has a list of names that are allowed, portugalprobs. But he actually spend 18 years in Spain as part of an evangelical church and is now looking for the truth in Portugal. But he got really in the habit of praying in Spanish, in a very evangelical way, so it’s sometimes hard not to laugh when he’s just like OH PADRE, TE PEDIMOS PADRE, porque tu es FUERTE y tu es BUENO, abencoa estas HERMANAS padre. Half Portuguese, all awesome. He’ll probably get baptized this Sunday. All the members love him because of his enthusiasm and vast biblical knowledge. Cross ya fingahs. 
Other than that, just keepin’ on. I love you all so much and I love this work and I know the Lord loves all of us and takes such good care of his children. Seriously, I am in awe daily. 
Jenna & Danielle
Me and the Swasester
Comp, me, member. Just in case anyone was wondering if I’ve changed on my mission #nope

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