the final countdown

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August 4, 2014 by jennaljackson

We went to the zoo again today. Except for this time it was the Lisbon zoo and it was like 10000x more legit. There was a dolphin show, there were TWO baby monkeys, and there was a new elder there who also knew the baby monkey song, so you can say it was a good day.
New in missionary life in Cacem: we didn’t baptize Carlos this week but he is remarked for next week and it’s a lot firmer now and we have lots of members to help us out this week, so it should be fine. We also inherited a marked woman who has gone to church twice in another ward but actually lives on our side of the ward boundaries but she doesn’t seem to understand SUPER well the concept of wards and why she should be baptized where her friends don’t go. So, we’ll see how that goes. Her name is Linda, pray for her and Carlos to be baptized this week plzzzzz!!!! Also we were SO broke at the beginning of this week and I will just tell you that we experienced loaves and fishes type miracles and got fed by random people in random places that we weren’t expecting and the Lord takes care of His own.
I have no time. Bore my big last testimony this week. Didn’t plan anything. Didn’t cry. Hey guess what? Next week is the last time I’ll group email home ever ssssoooo…..I’ll just save the good cheesy stuff for then. I’m just glad I have this time still to work in the Lord’s work, because really truly it is His work and there is nothing better.
Love you all!

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